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The reason why the embossing cnc router engraving machine is misplaced
1. Dislocation caused by voltage instability. In this case, it is recommended that you purchase a voltage regulator or perform the corresponding operation when the voltage is relatively stable. It is best to buy an embossing engraving machine with a pressure-resistant engraving machine with a voltage regulator.
2. The misalignment caused by poor contact between the interface board, main board and connector. The misalignment caused by this reason is mainly manifested by the spindle of the engraving machine in one direction or the three axes not moving. This situation can only be contacted by the technician of the engraving machine manufacturer for repair.
3. Misalignment caused by drive failure. During the engraving process, if the machine is not misplaced a few times, the embossing engraving machine can be engraved normally when the speed of the embossing engraving machine is slightly lowered, indicating that the drive is faulty and has not completely broken. If the machine is still under warranty, you should contact the engraving machine