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1530 atc axis cnc router Wood cutting machine /4th axis cnc router

Machine Features

1. Solid gantry,well structure of lathe bed,stable and high speed,high accuracy.
2. Highspeed air cooling spindle and high performance subdivision driver ensure work

    stably for long time.1530 atc axis cnc router
3. With easily-learned sofware,conveniently check the moving path of tool,and adjust the  
    processing depth of Z axis and the speed of motor.

4. Vacuum table with great absorption strengt,high efficient for mass production,  cutting speed over 20m/min.
    Low vibration and smooth motion ensure higher work piece quality.


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  1530 atc axis cnc router Wood cutting machine /4th axis cnc router


 Machine Pictures



Machine Pramaters 

1300*2500*200mm work area

Standard size. (can be customized.)

welded steel

More stable and stronger, even you use for many years,

 it won’t change shape.

9kw HQD air cooling spindle

Worldwide brand, high quality, global warranty

11kw Taiwan Fuling inverter

The best brand in Asia

Taiwan SYNTEC control system

Imported SYNTEC high performance control system, separated keyboard control, color LCD display.

Taiwan HIWIN 20mm square linear guide rail for X,Y,Z axis

Very famous brand, can improve high precision, smooth 

transmission, fast speed, low noise, and it has 10 times 

longer life than common rail way.

Helical rack and gear 1.25M transmission for 

X,Y axis

Bigger loading capacity, stronger biting force, makes 

sure the machine is stable, with long lifetime.

Taiwan  TBI  ball  screw 2510 transmission for

 Z axis

Famous brand, high quality, can make sure very accurate 


Vacuum & T-slot combined worktable

Double use: Vacuum table can use big absorbing power to 

absorb big material like wood board, very convenient; T-slot 

table can help fix small materials by clamps.

Servo motor and driver

Famous brand. 4 sets in total, double motors for Y axis, very powerful, also very popular among customers.

Automatic lubrication system

Help lubricate the rail way, maintaining machine.

Automatic tool sensor calibration

Help find working home position.

Japan OMRON limit switch

3 pieces for X, Y, Z axis, helping each axis go back to 

working home position.

rubber bumpers

2 pieces for X axis and 4 pieces for Y axis, helping stop 

axis in case the machine axis is out of control.

Highly flexible towline, fire-resitant

Shanghai CARDIFF brand, China best brand. Long life, 

could be bent 1530 atc axis cnc router

double-sheathed cable

300000 times. Also can prevent the interference of static 

electricity.1530 atc axis cnc router

Artcam software 

We will give you in the CD.

Application Industry and Materials
1.Furniture: wooden door and furniture, windows, tables and chairs,cabinets and panels,
   3D wave plate,MDF,computer desk,musical instruments,etc
2.Advertising: billboard, logo,sign,3D characters cutting,acrylic cutting,LED/neon channel,
   literal-hole cut,light-box mold,stamp,mound,etc
3. Board processing:  insulation, plastic chemical components, PCB, car body, bowling track, 
   ABS, PP, PE, etc. 
4. Decoration:  Acrylic, PVC, MDF, glass, plastic and soft metals such as copper and aluminum.


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