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  • Return Policy


    New CNC machines from SENYOQC carry a one-year warranty that is effective from the date of shipping.

    CNC machines sold through dealers must be registered with SENYOQC within 10 days of purchase to be covered by this warranty.

    SENYOQC guarantees all new machines sold to be free of manufacturers' defective workmanship, parts and materials.

    We will repair or replace, without charge, any parts determined by SENYOQC. to be a manufacturer's defect.

    We require that the defective item/part be returned to SENYOQC with the complaint.

    In the event the item/part is determined to be damaged due to lack of maintenance, cleaning, and/or misuse/abuse,

    the customer will be responsible for the cost to replace the item/part, plus all related shipping charges.

    This limited warranty does not apply to natural disasters; acts of terrorism; normal wear and tear,

    product failure due to lack of maintenance or cleaning; damage caused by Maccident, neglect, lack of or inadequate dust collection;

    and/or misuse/abuse or damage caused where repair or alterations have been made or attempted by others.

    AIl ltems being return to SENYOQC must have  atnorzaton numbersend by tne Cutomer sence .
    Depatment. Poducts must be rtumed wtinn 10 days from deivery date. It not shall be returned wthout an RMA number.
    Unapproved retumns are subject to a 25% stocking fee plus round tmp sipping charges.

    SENYOQC s not eponsile for sold or petormed (oner than tomby SENYOQC) on any SENYOQC

    CNC machine Warany may be vodled upon the adton of such descrbed ts andor moditc atons, detemied on a case by-case,
    basis by SENYOQC.

    Nomal user lgnentn apusmet uning. and machine stins are not cvere by ths warany Its the reopsiby othe usero
    understand basic CNC machiney stins and procedures and to propery maintin the equpment in acorance wth the sandards
    provided by the manufacturer.

    Parts, under wrany. are sipped at SENYOQC's cost etter by common carier FEDEx ground senice or a smlar metod. Tecnical
    support to nsal eplacement parts Is pimaly povded by phone. fax. e mal or SENYOQC CNC Customer supot Website. The labor
    required to istall replacement parts is the resposbility of the user.

    SENYOQC s not esposile or damage or caused by a teigt company or oner cumstances not our conrou AI caims for
    loss or damaged gos must be noited to SENYOQC within twenty four hours of delvey Please contact our Customer Sevice
    Department for more information.

    Replacement parts/accessory/ machine being replaced to return in 10 days.

    Please keep all the package materials to repack the parts /accessory/machine being replaced. If the item is a small item a return

    label will be enclosed in your package. Do not throw this away . please package the item and write both inside and outside of the

    box the RMA number which was provided through an email and or verbally at the time of the requrest .

    In the event that the item(cnc machine) is not returned to SENYOQC .You will be responsible for the cost of the item .

    Your account will be billed . No services will be given until this balance is paind or the item returned in good condition.


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