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  • Refund Policy


    In case of dissatisfaction from our services or products, purchaser have the liberty to request a refund from us.

    Our Policy for the refundwill be as follows.
    Purchaser shall be eligible for a refund of purchased product according to the terms of this policy ("Refund Policy").

    The Refund Policyshall not supersede or replace SENYOQC's limited warranty or disclaimer of such warranty

    contained SENYOQC's End User License Agreement. The Refund Polic is applicable solely within the time lines

    set-forth herein and subject to the requirements set forth herein.

    If you want refund our product then:
    Submit a formal request .
    Firstly, it should be returned with in 10 days after the date of dispatch.
    Secondly, after getting your product, shipping charges + transaction charges + packing charges will be deducted

    from your amount &remaining amount will be transfer in your account if product is not have any type of damage.

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